Refreshing an old brand


Central Susquehanna Lacrosse Club, the area’s longest-running youth lacrosse club, asked Uptrend Marketing to update its overly generic logo and color palette that too closely mirrored one of the local school district’s color scheme.

  • Branding

  • Graphic Design

  • Events Management

How We Helped

We first assessed the color palettes used across the 20+ school districts covered by CSLC, in addition to the 12 teams in CSLC’s league. We found the combination of navy, Caribbean blue, lime, white and grey was not represented anywhere across those schools/teams, and based our design efforts around this fresh color palette.

Next, we brainstormed different versions of logo designs from wordmarks to graphics. We also researched the word “maverick.” Not only is it a free-wheeling, do-it-your-own-way person, it’s also an unbranded range/plains animal. We started honing our concept around a bull – strong, tough and ready to stand its ground.

Beyond the branding and graphic design work, Uptrend Marketing provided our events management expertise to CSLC. We developed the application/grant response to be one of just 70 sites selected by USA Lacrosse as a Pick Up & Play Clinic site host. Uptrend developed and led a grassroots marketing campaign, using social media, direct emails and personal invitations to sell out the 60-person clinic. We planned the series of pre-event, day-of and post-event activities, and coordinated and mobilized a team of 20+ volunteers to get the job done. The clinic was successful, with many participants exclaiming it was one of the best events they had attended: well-organized and fun!