Translating the new brand to the website


In 2019, Dr. Rachel Reichard purchased the Bloomsburg orthodontics practice she had worked at since 2012. As her business grew, the board-certified orthodontist transitioned the old practice to her newly cultivated brand, Rachel E Reichard Orthodontics. A major remodel was completed in late 2020, turning the office into a welcoming, familial, fresh and contemporary space.

Dr. Reichard reached out to Uptrend Marketing to help extend that revised presence to her website. The look and feel of the old website needed a major remodel. Additionally, the site suffered from scant content and was not mobile friendly. Those limitations negatively impacted both the visitor experience and search engine optimization (how the practice ranked in search results).

  • Web Design & Development

  • SEO & Content Creation

  • Photography

How We Helped

After a short assessment of the old website, we determined that attempting to update it (, built on the Wix platform) would not achieve Dr. Reichard’s goals. The widely popular WordPress platform was identified as a better fit for the desired changes. We also purchased a more intuitive domain for the new site,

The new site needed to provide educational and informative content for current, new and prospective patients alike. After a lengthy research activity, we developed a volume of content across the many facets of orthodontics. In turn, that created a big design challenge of presenting the copious information into visually digestible chunks. To make the long content pages into engaging reads, we utilized engaging imagery, color blocking and a host of website design elements such as toggles, image before and after sliders and a top-of-page table of contents with links to the topics farther down on the page.

We also took photographs of Dr. Reichard’s amazing and lovely new office space to showcase on the website.