Refreshing a dated brand


Stanley Woodworking, a manufacturer of architectural mouldings and other millwork, hadn’t changed its visual identity since its inception…25 years earlier! In addition to a confusing and overly intricate logo, their website was a relic from ages past – garish colors and wall-to-wall text that was painful to digest visually and not mobile-friendly.

With new owners looking to make big market changes, Uptrend Marketing was asked to refresh the Stanley Woodworking brand.

  • Branding

  • Web Design & Development

  • Graphic Design

How We Helped

We ran the Stanley team through a modified version of our proven brand-building methodology to recast the Stanley Woodworking brand.

Through our research and analysis, we discovered Stanley Woodworking is an industry expert at knowing, selecting and working with their local Appalachian tree species. They really get the most and best out of each tree they consume. This, combined with their rural setting, evoked feelings of being rooted to the land. Earthy. Organic. Naturally lush, but at the same time, very simple and uncomplicated. Elemental.

We then created a suite of sumptuous brand identity pieces, including logo, typography, color palette, business cards and business stationary. Their previous site ran on an obscure URL (, so we purchased and created their new site on the more intuitive The first version of their recasted website displays this refreshed, contemporary brand, with future versions to include product information and become more transactional in nature.

2022 Update: With the recent/ongoing publicity of Stanley Woodworking, we want to reiterate that our involvement was limited to initial branding and marketing work. We had no involvement with Stanley Woodworking’s operations and fully sympathize with the employees and other vendors/partners impacted.