Creating a new cabinetry brand


Local entrepreneur and business owner, Maurice Brubaker, and his wife Deb, started William Penn Cabinetry in early 2020 to help get our rural economy back to work. But, they had no idea they’d be trying to launch in the midst of a pandemic.

With grand designs of eventually leading the luxury cabinetry market, William Penn Cabinetry tapped Uptrend Marketing to partner with manufacturing and sales leadership to develop a go-to-market brand and initial marketing materials.

  • Branding

  • Web Design & Development

  • Graphic Design

How We Helped

We started our work by answering the question “Who is William Penn Cabinetry, both now and in the future?” Over the course of multiple team working sessions, a picture of their desired brand — and how it connected to the broader marketplace — emerged.

We then created a suite of luxurious and sophisticated brand identity pieces, including logo, color palette, business cards and business stationary. Being so new,  we were challenged with how to develop the website and materials with no William Penn Cabinetry-specific assets. Ultimately, we focused our early efforts on establishing the brand and evoking emotional responses from potential business partners, dealers and customers.

We also designed a sleek-looking website to help translate the new William Penn Cabinetry brand to the marketplace.

2022 Update: With the recent/ongoing publicity of William Penn Cabinetry, we want to reiterate that our involvement was limited to initial branding and marketing work. We had no involvement with William Penn Cabinetry’s operations and fully sympathize with the employees and other vendors/partners impacted.